Would We Call This a New Year’s Resolution?

Alright, 2014, I’m ready. I think many of us can agree that 2013 sucked ass. (For those of you who had a great year, just keep it to yourself, thanks.) I’m ready to put it behind me and move forward and start doing all the things I kept wishing I would do last year but instead made incredibly fluffy excuses not to. Let’s not do that in 2014, mkay? Lack of motivation is so 2013.

I’ve got all these things I really want to accomplish in 2014, and yeah, let’s just say it, I RESOLVE to do so. Does that make it a New Year’s resolution because I so happened to decide on January 1, 2014, that I was going to make a change? (yes) Okay, so maybe I’m incredibly cliche. (Damn you, Word Press, where are your symbols so that word reads “clee-SHAY” and not “click-ee”?) But here’s the thing. New Year’s resolutions are usually made fun of because they don’t last. After January 31, people are right back to their old habits.


Historically, I’ve been rather good at tackling seemingly insurmountable obstacles (see: bicoastal long-distance relationship, professional dance career, losing 45 lbs of baby fat). Basically, I can only be deterred if I am physically unable to accomplish the task, just don’t feel like it, or get sidetracked by binge-watching episodes of Psych on Netflix.

I so am going to conquer 2014, is all I’m saying. I’m RESOLVING to do so, even if that resolve is as a result of a new year coming to pass. I’m not going to give up, and I’m going to make something, anything happen.

This Olive Gal is fired up for 2014. Better watch out.

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