I Just Can’t Quit You, David Tennant

By now everyone knows I’ve been going through some difficult stuff. People dying all willy-nilly. Babies taking a look around in my apparently hostile uterus and saying, “Welp! I think I’ll take off early. I’ve got a headache. And I’ve got work in the morning. Yeah. And then, you know, I really need to clean the house. And the poor dogs haven’t been walked in about 8 weeks so yeeaaaaaah….I’m gonna go.” Anywho, the point is, I’ve been a little bit of an emotional wreck. But let me tell you what is REALLY upsetting me right now:

David Tennant’s last episode as the Doctor.

Doctor Who David Tennant
I just can’t quit you, Ten. (Photo Credit: BBC)

Whovians will know what I’m talking about. Tennant is just about the greatest thing that happened to the Dr. Who franchise since the Tardis. Which is to say, he’s the greatest. He’s spunky and charming and brilliant and cheeky and you just want to jump in his little blue box and defeat crazy aliens with him. He’s got that Machiavellian thing going for him, you know? Where you love him but you fear him a little, too? I don’t know why I’m speaking in questions now? But oh well, deal with it?

When I first started watching Dr. Who, it was the reboot with Christopher Eccleston, and while I enjoyed it immensely,  I wondered why they had to go and swap out the Doctor after one season for Barty Crouch, Jr. But about 10 minutes into the first episode with Tennant, I was in love. And here’s the thing: it’s totally cool because my husband is in love with him, too. We just sat there and fawned over David Tennant together for three seasons. And now he’s gone. HE’S GONE! We are both so broken-hearted.

This is pretty much us right now:

I suppose it’s silly for me to hurt so bad over the loss of a freaking BBC television character, but I’ve got to funnel all these feelings into SOMETHING, and dammit if David Tennant didn’t absolutely destroy what was left of my black, shriveled heart when he stood there, about to die, and said, “I don’t want to go.”

Dead. Dead. I died. I died right there when he said that and I have not returned to normal because he killed me dead.

David Tennant, if by chance you come across my blog and continue to actually keep reading this trainwreck of a post, I just want to say to you: don’t be alarmed. I am not stalker crazy. Just crazy crazy. It’s cool. I will totally not cry if I ever see you in real life.

Okay…I might cry a little.

Guys, I know I talked about trying to move on yesterday, but I take it all back. If I’ve got no more episodes of Dr. Who left starring David Tennant, then I pretty much have nothing left.

green of skin, black of heart

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