office space quoteMost people greet Mondays with a begrudging sigh of defeat. They’ve got a full week of work ahead of them—five whole days until they can relax and kick up their feet to enjoy two fleeting days of rest. They drag their dull bodies out of bed, sleepwalk through their morning routine, down an extra cup of coffee, and trudge into the office, zombie-like, with a case of the Mondays.

Me? I’m like…Heck yah, it’s Monday! TGIM!

I know I’m not alone. Talk to any other working (or non-working for that matter) parent about how much relaxing they get to do on the weekend. Ask them about how their child decides to rise extra early on Saturday mornings, even though you can hardly wake him during the week. Inquire about attempting to clean your house while your kid runs around behind you undoing it all. Wonder about fighting over naps, giving in to let your kid stay up, and then dealing with the hyperactive fallout by 5pm, when he’s gone into his energy reserves and has officially taken on the persona of a crazy person.

Ask about how much their child gives a damn that you are pregnant, tired, cranky, and nauseous, and when you lay down on the couch for a second to rest, how he takes that as a signal to drop kick you in the head for funsies.

Oh yes, kids. I love Mondays. I love scrambling to pack lunches and hustling a drowsy kid out the door to head back to pre-school. I love dropping him off, bleary-eyed, with his little buddies and going, “See you in 9 hours!” I love walking into my blissfully quiet office to sit down and work in peace. I love that when I finish writing a lesson or a blog, I don’t have to argue with a toddler over how it needs to stay that way. It’s just done. I love that by the end of the day, I actually miss my child and can’t wait to pick him up from school.

Monday? You and I are cool. We gotta have a chat with Friday, though. Not sure that day is pulling its weight.

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2 thoughts on “TGIM

  1. Ha! It’s like you were reading my mind, Wendy–I was just thinking how I was enjoying the quiet here in the office. 😉

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